The Design Process

Step One-

You contact me via phone, email, or message and give me some basic info, like:

-Your Name

-Wedding Date/ Venue

-Description of your dream dress

-Wedding Dress Budget- My Gowns start at $1500 and go up from there


Step Two-

We meet after making an appointment, to talk more in depth of the exact dress you want, and then I draw out a detailed sketch of that dress. If  you're happy with everything we've discussed, then we move forward with the design process. 


I take your measurements, and then create a muslin sample of your dress which will be used at your first fitting to help me map out your body's curves and unique characteristics to create the final dress. This first meeting will take about an hour.


Step Three-

We plan a day together to go to the Garment District in Los Angeles where we'll explore a few of my favorite fabric shops and meet with some of my trusted vendors. There you'll get to pick out every single piece of fabric that will be used to make your dream dress.The first half of the dress deposit will be due on this day.


Step Four-

I take that material and let you take a peek at it one last time before you get to see it again for your second fitting which will be a month or two later. At this point, your dress will be almost finished except for some minor details which need to be discussed at this fitting. I will then make any adjustments on the fit of the dress and you tell me excatly how you want things to look. This fitting will also take about an hour. 


Step Five-

A month or two after that, and we will schedule an appointment for your final fitting and the second half of your deposit will be due at this time. The dress will be completely finished and you'll try it on for the last time... until you put it back on to walk down the aisle on your wedding day! We will make sure everything is perfect and I'll go over any details with family or friends about things like the corset, closure, or bustle. Then I take dress out to your car, bid you fairwell, and say a prayer that you have the most amazing marriage a girl could ever ask for.


And hopefully after a few months of working together, we'll have created a friendship through this process and maybe we'll see each other again someday!