The Alexandria Gown

You May Kiss The Bride...

I was absolutely blessed to be a part of this wonderful wedding... and especially blessed by the Bride and her fabulous family! She chose to go with a form fitting lace dress that complimented and enhanced her unique beauty. The lace on this gown is especially exquisite in its design with its defined embroidery pattern that was perfect for this creation. The bodice consists of one piece of lace that is draped around her body, over her shoulders, and down the plunging back. The scallop alone on this lace was the key to making this a WOW dress! This custom gown hugs every curve of her body then opens up into a dramatic gathered mermaid train. We also chose a contrasting color of toffee for the silk charmeuse that sits directly under the lace to really give it the pop it needs in defining the embroidery. A simple silk belt is all the embellishment this gown needed to create the defined cinch at her waist... with a little embroidery detail added of the bride and grooms initials at the closer. Ah! I'm in love! Hope you all love it too!